PLEASE IMMEDIATE HELP! Crest ripped off on pekin duck!


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Jun 18, 2018
please please anyone that can help. My rooster, who as of today is no longer with us ...ripped the crest damn near clean off my pekin duck girls head. She was covered in blood head to tail when I got home and it just looks like bloody mushy skin at the top of her head where her crest USED to be. She was moved into my bathroom and has soaked in warm water already. She’s eating and drinking and walking. I don’t know how to treat this though! I’ve heard crests are basically open holes going drirectly into the ducks head so I don’t want to put meds or anything in it for fear it will seep into her brain and kill her. I don’t want to bind the wound either for fear it will stick to the gauze or anything I use and be extremely painful to change or remove, and possibly rip the rest of the skin off. She is my original duck and even though I have 4 others, she’s my main girl. My rooster is culled so no chance of that happening again for her but I do have a drake that’s been with her few a while and loves to mate with her as well as my other girls. She can’t go back with them until she’s healed tho because of How they mate. He’d probably end her if he tried at this point. Any advice on treatment or what to look for if something’s wrong??


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I wouldnt worry, maybe a little diluted alcohol to help clean the area, but Ive seen a lot worse before on some of my chickens. It'll end up scabbing over and she'll probably not grow feathers back in that spot. Keep her in a clean area and she should be good to go in a few weeks. Usually the shock of the incident is the worst part of animals fighting.
If it makes you feel any better, I one time found one of my parents pit bulls loose standing over one of my ducks chewing on its wings. I got the dog off, the duck wouldnt move much due to shock, but after some pampering a few hours pasted and it acted as if it had never been attacked.
Oh boy, as I was reading, I was expecting worse. Yes, it’s a horrible thing to happen, but she looks like she has an excellent chance of recovery. I’d personally just try to keep it clean and give it time to heal. I hope you can keep her separated until it scabs over well enough. A little peroxide wash (just once, since peroxide is not great when used too much). Examine it well to see if any tissue is loose, and how bad the wound may be. A little antibiotic ointment probably wouldn’t hurt after it’s all cleaned up and dry.

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