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Sep 16, 2019
Hi everyone! I was hoping for a bit of help. I have been incubating 5 Brahma x SLW mixes, three of which made it to 21 days, one has hatched but took an extraordinarily long time from first pip to hatch (36 hrs) and I'm afraid the other two may be shrink wrapped... hubby let the humidity bottom out while I worked 2 12 hr shifts and I'm kind of freaking out. Is there a way to un-shrink wrap an egg by correcting humidity or should I pip the air cell and go from there? *extra deets* forced air incubator, auto turn, running at 100 f the entire time. Started lockdown on day 18, first baby hatched day 20, today is day 21 (and counting)
I had an egg that got cracked when two broodies were fighting over who would get the eggs. I sealed it, but it dried out and baby couldn't get out after a couple of days, so I assisted carefully and baby is happy and healthy. I read up first before helping because you can easily kill a chick. I tried to not intervene too much, but the baby was clearly in distress and not going to make it on its own.
I want to add that i have never hatched with an incubator, so i am not sure what you should do in your situation. Maybe someone experienced will chime in. I hope your little ones make it.
Thank you for your response. I think I have been able to get a little moisture back into the eggs by increasing the humidity way up to about 75% so right now it's just a waiting game thankfully I had some week old peepers the little lone ranger baby could go in with.
All isn't necessarily lost. You can leave them or still intervene and they might be ok with some help.

This thread is about shipped eggs but applies to shrink wrapped chicks, maybe you'll find it helpful if you decide to help. Good luck!

Thank you!! It's been a LONG time since I've assisted a hatch but I'm sure I could do it again if needed. I appreciate the resource!

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