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    @bruceha2000 I can't speak from personal experience, since our's are only 22 weeks at the moment, but I can say that as it's a landrace, it isn't that specialized, and to my understanding people have tried to keep the traits beneficial to a smallish farmyard flock (that replenishes itself), so I'd say the broodiness might be an issue. I can't really find any decent data, but I found a description of the race that quoted some statistics which said that about every third hen tends to go broody.

    Your best bet to get something similar looking would be to look into the Swedish landraces. The Swedish flower hen has gained a lot of popularity in the US, but I don't know of any Finnish ones coming over yet. The SFH is also a bit bigger and lays bigger eggs. Or then you could set up a business selling super rare Finnish chickens for 5000$ a pair [​IMG]
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    We agree on that for sure. I knew the Anconas were likely to be more aggressive than some breeds and no matter what SOME bird will be the top of the pecking order. But until you have the first mixed flock (and in my case first flock of any kind) it isn't easy to understand what that means. I wanted a couple that laid white and thought the leghorns would be even more aggressive so I went with the Anconas. Live and learn.

    New problem, hopefully temporary, is my stupid broody Partridge Chantecler is jumping Zorra, a Black Australorp and my biggest bird. Maybe they have been talking smack when she is in the broody box. I let her out in the morning so she can go outside and leave that nasty broody poop somewhere other than in the cage and maybe remember what she is SUPPOSED to be doing all day instead of sitting on shavings. Yesterday she jumped Zorra who was having nothing of it. I grabbed Zorra since at that exact instant, she was on top. I held her for awhile (not something she is used to) and calmed her down and waited for Laura to settle. They were at each other not long after I put Zorra down so I caught Laura and put her back in the box. Immediately at it again this morning as soon as I let Laura out. I broke it up and she was at another bird (or the other way around) and I don't even know which it was. Since it was treat time, they all went for the food instead of each other. We will see.

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    I pray to God that my wife doesn't ever see this. *laugh* That is an amazing coop! Do you have pictures of the build up of it?
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    First chickens first coop. Toyed with converting plastic dog house, making my own from scratch and converting part of my vinyl shed but went went a premade house from cConnelly not the best but ok. Says will hold 4-8 but that's probably bantams We can only have 4 so should be ok. I built a 4 x 10 ft run and the house is raised so there is covered space Right now have 2 barred rocks 2 buff orph from a breeder sexed pullets) hopefully they are correct. I hatched 3 polish created x silkie eggs. One is bigger than rest so thinking a cockerel will wait and see. [​IMG]

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    BEAUTIFUL, you have really out done yourself. I look out and see mine and thing ick after seeing this.
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    Some things are too beautiful to be filled with chickens and be pooped on.........seems like a travesty!
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    Isn't a nice thing covered in sh*t nicer than a crappy thing covered in sh*t? [​IMG]
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    Jan 28, 2012
    Well, yes, I just took us a while to get over our nice clean coop getting all the dripping poo marks on the walls etc. Like a new car getting dings on the doors....

    But yes, that is one BEAUTIFUL coop.
  9. vehve

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    You should look into your chickens diet if it's that loose. Or paint the walls brown [​IMG] And the chicken poo can be scrubbed off when it becomes too much.

    The dings are easily avoided by keeping the car in the garage at all times (although it does cut down on it's usefulness...)
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    Ha. My DH likes to park at the WAY far end of any parking lot, so no jerks can open their doors wide and dent his precious automobile. And yes, it lives in a garage when not ferrying us around.

    We should have gone for brown paint - and made the roost further from the wall. It was a premade Amish coop, so not bad but not perfect. It's those cecal poops that get ya.

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