Poultry for sale at Sheridan Arkansas Poultry Swap

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    NOTE: These did not sell today. So will be slaughtered later this next week. If interested let me know.

    Poultry for sale at Sheridan Poultry Swap

    Jim’s Farm Stand will have the following available for sale this Saturday at the Sheridan Feed 4 Less Poultry Swap:
    These were traded to a friend for a lovely chocolate Muscovy Duck!

    A young trio of "Pet Quality" Buckeye Bantams hatched early this spring. Parents have won several times. There are also several “extra” pullets.

    Pine Bluff: Best and Reserve Breed.
    Little Rock: Ch Jr AOCCL, Best and Reserve Breed.

    This male is in excellent condition. Type and color are great. Should do well at the shows.

    Females: Type and color are great. There is one disqualification for showing the females: they have white shanks instead of yellow. We discovered this in our hatching this spring. Several judges have advised us to breed from them anyway, just cull all white shanks from next years chicks.

    We have hatched so many Buckeye bantams that we really don't need to keep these, so decided to offer them for sale. These will make someone a great starter flock or some nice pets.

    We have two male Buff Ducks, hatched in March 2010 by Ideal Poultry Farms. These are breeder/pet quality and are very docile. We have chosen to keep 2 of 4 drakes for our flock. We are keeping all the females. These drakes are very docile and come running when they see a feed bucket.

    We have two “Pet Quality" Buff Colombian Wyandotte Bantam Cockerels hatched this spring by Ideal Poultry Farm.

    These two males are nice type and buff color; however they lack good lacing in the neck. The kids can not show them.

    These will make someone some nice pets. They are very gentle and have started crowing recently.

    We also have several very nice Buff Wyandotte Bantam cockerels. These are pet quality as they have white shanks and feet. Standard calls for yellow. Good type and feather color.


    Call if you have any questions.

    Note: We are transporting two of our custom Backyard coops (https://www.backyardchickens.com/web/viewblog.php?id=47716-jims-large-backyard-coop ) to Viola, Arkansas this Friday. These birds will be with us. If anyone wishes to meet us on Friday in Pine Bluff, Little Rock, Bebee, Searcy, Batesville or Ash Flat, please call me as soon after 6:00 am as possible. We will be returning to Litlle Rock to stay Friday night and going to Sheridan at about 8 or 8:30am. We will be happy to meet you and sell some of these birds.
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