Pullets Sneezing and Gasping


Apr 23, 2018
North Mississippi
I have a mixed breed flock. There have been no new birds introduced lately...for probably 3 months. At the beginning of this month I moved. There was a huge chicken coop I purchased from a friend. It had been empty for months (5 or 6 months?) and the chickens they had were healthy. There are pine chips for bedding and the coop is opened each morning around the same time for them to free range, then closed in the evening about sundown.
Now after being in my new place for a month I suddenly have 3 sick pullets. They are all exhibiting the same symptoms (minus the runny nose Ethel had). None of the rest of the flock are showing symptoms of any kind. My Dominique pullet (Ethel) has stopped growing. She had rales and a runny nose but I gave her a round of Tylan orally for five days. She is still sneezing terribly but not lethargic or listless, just sneezing.
I've seen some runny poop around but can't tell who it belongs to yet. It's not terribly runny or discolored in any outrageous manner.
The weather has been terrible here (Northeast Mississippi) with temps going high and low with rain and cold, rainy days.
For three days I've been cruising the web reading blogs, forums and official websites. Also, I've been picking through my copy of 'The Chicken Health Handbook' by Gail Damerow (all of which are rather paranoia inducing).
At home is where I would like to address the matter, hopefully without culling my whole flock as I'm incredibly attached to them. They have helped me get through a reallly rough patch in my life and several of them I've raised by hand from day old chicks. They all have names and get personal attention as much as possible.
I've read up on several highly contagious diseases but only these three seem to be exhibiting the symptoms.


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Apr 3, 2011
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It sounds like you have a respiratory disease in your flock that may have been brought in a few months ago. Birds can be carriers for life, and expose other birds. Then when some stress occurs, or weather is changing, a chicken can become sick. I would make sure they are drinking enough water, and offer some chopped egg along with their layer feed. Sick birds might also need some extra heat until they are better, but you probably are warm in MS.

It is common to have more than one disease, such as mycoplasma (MG) and then a secondary disease infectious bronchitis (IB) which causes sneezing for about a month. The Tylan can treat the MG symptoms, but not the IB virus, which has to run it’s course. Of course, you cannot know for sure what you are dealing with, without getting a PCR test by a poultry lab. Coryza and ILT are the other common diseases. Coryza is said to smell bad. Here is a good link about those and other diseases:


Apr 23, 2018
North Mississippi
I may have some Denagard. Ethel is inside, the other two are out because their symptoms weren't as bad.
Would it be bad to start a round of Denagard now?
We've had cold wet weather the last few days that were preceeded by some cool days and cold nights.


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Feb 15, 2012
Hey there, do you routinely treat for coccidiosis. I raised chickens in west Tn (Jackson) for a while, and always had to treat routinely. The weather there always seemed to make it worse. IDK if thats your problem but worth mentioning, if you dont already treat them for it. I recommend Corid.

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