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Dec 17, 2016
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I am writing about The egg.
I want to learn more, so it is like an info chart.
And it will be about each step an egg goes through.

I have a few questions that I would like answered.
My first few questions are...

What is an egg shell made out of?
Also, what is the word for the shell being made inside the hen?

I hope these don't sound like stupid questions!
Still, I am learning terms for things with the egg...

And chickens!

All I know so far is; Embryo, shell, veins...
What else? Yolk, whites.

Thank you guys, your always so helpful!
And I hope these are normal questions!

I have more, first I'll see the answers to these!

-The Angry Hen
I'm not sure if the eggshell is completely composed of this - but there's a lot of calcium in them. Not sure about the second question though. They're not stupid questions at all, you've got me curious now :p

Thank you! Yes, I always have questions going through my mind!!! :D
Not a day without a question!!

I always ask my Dad questions about the breeds and he says:
"You think I know all this? I am learning too you know!" Lol.

Thanks again!
-The Angry Hen

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