Red sexlink hen...hmmm...what do you think?

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by MommaHen2Many, May 29, 2017.

  1. Feed Store red sexlink hen.....hmmmm....not looking like it.
    Pictures from baby up till today (the outside shots with almost too much sun!) he/she is about 3 months old...around 11 weeks.
    hackle feathers appear barred to me? Dark tail..and some barring on that too?
    I also have barred rocks, and this chicken is almost as big a my barred rock rooster already! Huge feet (almost look to big for its body) and very long legs.
    I think this chick got in the wrong bin at the store. We had red sexlinks growing up they never looked like this.
    So thoughts on the breed? then i'd like thoughts on gender.Thanks in advance for "educating" me! :) b-1.jpg b-2.jpg b-3.jpg b-4.jpg b-5.jpg IMG_7637.JPG IMG_7633.JPG IMG_7649.JPG IMG_7640.JPG IMG_7635.JPG IMG_7634.JPG IMG_7655.JPG
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    It is a rooster, without a doubt.

    And...yes it was in the wrong bin (not a big surprise at a feed store).

    My guess is it is a Dixie Rainbow/Pioneer which are more dual meat birds and hence the larger size and legs.

  3. thanks LofMc, I am so "egg" focused, I hadn't considered a meat or dual purpose bird! I have not heard of the Dixie Rainbow/Pioneer, I'll look it up.
    Now the decision to keep or not to keep. I have one Barred Rock roo, EE hens, BR hens, a couple astrolorps, and some Buff Orpingtons (13 counting roo....might be one roo too many!) I typically hatch my own eggs for chicks, so I'll have to contemplate what kind of chicks he would make. Thanks for info.
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    Agreed on all counts!
  5. Thanks Olgm ... for chiming in on the advice.
  6. Ol Grey Mare

    Ol Grey Mare One egg shy of a full carton. .....

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    Cockerel yes, red sex link no.
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    sorry Ol Grey Mare I never read the threads
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    Cockerel not red sexlink but I agree with her
  10. I had to post update pictures for you all to see. this guy is a beast, I think he is now just 7 months old he his bigger than my barred rock roo, he is in his horrible teen years, but over all a good fellow. He is looking down on a 1/2 gallon (not a quart) ball jar. The jar & soda can is for reference to size. I was thinking about keeping him, but with the dixie rainbow/pioneer being a hybrid (future egg hatching possibilities) IMG_8124.JPG IMG_8116.JPG IMG_8101.JPG , I' m wondering if it would be a good idea or not? your thoughts? IMG_8142.JPG IMG_8141.JPG IMG_8134.JPG
    We free range, and he likes to follow me up to the house from the coop --or maybe its run away from our barred rock rooster :) lol

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