May 24, 2017
I just rescued a 6 week old Pekin ducking. He was meant as a meat bird, but couldn't walk at all and was getting trampled by the other ducks. I don't know much about ducks but I knew I had to try and help him and thankfully the owner was willing to part with him!!

It appears that his feet might be broken, the curl in and he can't stand or walk. He gets around by dragging his body by his beak. I put him in a kiddy pool (likely the first time ever swimming) it took him a bit to get his balance, both legs moved but one foot stayed curled up and the other only partly opened.

I am limited in funds and nearest vet is a large animal vet (I live in the middle of no where in MN)

I am thinking maybe make braces for his feet? Regular swimming will likely help. Should I try to suspend him to get him off his belly and legs?

Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated!!


Mar 26, 2015
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I've read to some Niacin to put in its water and some brewer's yeast for its food when a duck has leg problems. You can find Niacin in the pharmacy and brewer yeast at a feed store. Ducks need both of those and some feeds don't have it.
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Jun 18, 2013
@MissCasey you have received some great information already in regards to vitamins, and i am with Miss Lydia as far as the water therapy
i am sure he is loving being able to swim around
he may be too old to correct his feet but you could try
trace his feet on something sturdy like card board then tape it to the bottom of his feet to get the web to the right shape/direction with electrical tape

this video may help too


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