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    Jan 2, 2017
    Recently I unfortunately lost four hens, best layers too, to a fox and thought my rooster would have protected them better. Three hens at one time within a two hour period. Do roosters protect better as they age or just protect the hens they prefer? Understandably they cannot protect all at one time, there were 11 hens altogether. Thanks for any feedback.
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    Sep 25, 2015
    Roosters will warn flocks,and may fight a predator,but at the end of the day,do not count on him.It is your responsibility to protect them,not just his.
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    Feb 3, 2016
    This. What exactly do you expect a Rooster to DO against something with fangs and claws? My Rooster would likely die trying but he would most certainly still be dead after fighting a fox. Not all Roosters will deal predators the same way however you are still the first and main line of defense for the flock.
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    Agreed with @TheTwoRoos When I go in to check for parasites at night and take the birds off roost, the rooster ducks down and acts like he isn't there. He avoids trying to become dinner himself. So, he isn't completely stupid enough to sacrifice himself. Also, against a fox a roo does not stand a chance... so he would be gone as well.

    That's what people don't understand is that often times having a roo doesn't protect their hens but rather becomes the dinner of said predator, essentially a stand in the hen that would have otherwise been lost.

    Thing is... that fox KNOWS where to come get his easy meal.... and WILL be back until your flock is either secured or gone. [​IMG]

    I love roosters and have a few. But IMO, they are NO better protection or warning than ANY of my top hens, who I've seen knock an overly amorous cockerel off another girl and make sure she was OK AND fight 2 dim mannered cockerels at the same time and won to teach them some respect. So when people say they want a rooster to protect their flock... I mostly roll my eyes (to myself), as that simply isn't reality.

    Of course their are good roosters. And MANY have given their lives trying to protect a hen! And their level of protection DOES vary with their level of maturity. They become much better at what they do as they gain maturity. But NONE will ever be a good match for a fox... who I'm guessing is hunting in broad daylight? I suggest you arm yourself or set a trap and be prepared to dispense of the predator on a manner that does NOT include relocation which is often illegal and always cruel!

    I am sorry for your loss. They always get our favorites first. [​IMG]

    Good luck correcting your defensive line, ASAP. [​IMG]
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    Sep 25, 2015
    Hens will also do things such as egg Sighted mention,although a rooster will sacrifice himself first (Well some),but not all.Like others mentioned as well,they can not when a fight against a fox,or most predators. Sometimes their able to run them off,but chances are,the fox will keep fighting.

    If you have nay dogs I would defiantly leave them outside and take a walk through the woods just to spread your scent around.we no longer have absolutely any fox problems because of our dogs.Getting smell around really helps them move out of the area.Also lock them up,and make it tow here nothing can get in,proof it well.your gonna want the fox to realize,he can no longer get to his meal.

    Also,guns as well.If you have to happen find him being naughty,shoot him.If you do not kill him,and he runs off,he likely won't come back.

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