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    Oct 5, 2011
    Hawkes Bay - NZ
    Hi All Chicken lover's in Kiwi land ;)

    We have a urban run (coop not a "Tractor" yet) and have been advised by our Hastings District Council that we need to comply to the new rules n Reg's.
    An Application for Consent to Keep Poultry is required now. Probably because of the Fowl Virus issues?
    * "The housing of the hens must not be within 2M of any boundary fence or within 10M of any neighbouring dwellings.
    * Suitable fences or screening may be required to protect the visual amenities of the neighbourhood.
    * Suitably constructed methods etc...
    * Council retains the right to revoke if any problems etc...

    We have Brown Shavers only.

    My Question relates to using Galv Hex Wire Netting as a LOW fence (1.2M High - mesh cover 900mm - gap at bottom 100mm+/-) around the area with a movable fence construction design I'm thinking of making.
    Since the cost of wire netting increases with the reduceds size of the holes - what is the recommendations - if at all any concerns - on hole size? We dont have dogs only a cat the is not interested ;)

    15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 50mm hex?

    Currently I can get 50M 2nd hand of 15mm for $75 locally but new well over $100
    50mm New $80 + Frt.


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    Jun 7, 2011
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    Relying on similarities rather than knowledge, the 15 mm mesh would be about 1/2 inch. This would be what we call hardware cloth. 1/2 inch mesh, quite durable. As a fence around the run, at least 24 inches tall from the ground should be hardware cloth. Raccoons can reach through large mesh and pull the chickens through.

    An apron around the fencing, extending 24 inches out from the bottom of the fence, attached to the fence will stop digging predators.

    I would take the used fencing.

    I don't know a whole lot about the fauna of New Zealand, but there may well be predators to worry about, even if you have never seen them.

    The hex fence you refer to is what we might call chicken wire. Good for keeping chickens in, but of little value in keeping predators out. Most any dog can easily tear through chicken wire.

    I have a fence of 2 inch by 4 inch ( 50 mm by 100 mm) mesh with small guage mesh at the bottom. My fence is 6 feet ( 2 meters) tall. The apron around the bottom of the fence is 50 mm by 100 mm mesh extending out 24 inches. I have watched dogs try to get past this fence to no avail.

    For chickens, you have to think about security first of all. A predator in the coop or run can destroy the whole flock quite quickly.

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    Oct 5, 2011
    Hawkes Bay - NZ
    Thanks Chris - thoughts appreciated.

    We would have mice and or rates about but nothing bigger in Town to worry about. Dogs are rare visitors to our backyard and the only one we have ever had was very good with them.


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