Scaly leg sudden death

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    May 28, 2014
    Yesterday my son noticed scaly leg and a large swollen area on one of our 6 mo old barred rock roosters. Today it couldn't walk well and we put his legs in mason jar with gas then let them dry. Next we put A & D ointment on his legs. He struggled a bit while we were applying it then just fell over dead. Couldn't believe it as scaly leg shouldn't cause death that quick right? Anyone know what this might be? Here was his leg before treatment [​IMG]
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    Please do not use gasoline on animals. You could have dipped his legs in vegetable oil and it would have done the job of smothering the mites. There are many threads on here that detail how to deal with them.
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    Gas like gasoline? That wouldn't have helped treat the scaly leg - vaseline would have been what to put on there - and may actually have been why he died. All birds have really sensitive respiratory systems, and if he was sitting there inhaling gas fumes it may well have killed him.
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    That leg looks either broken or there is something like a tumor or infection in it. X 2 on not using gasoline on legs.
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