Seriously??? Two broodies?!?!?!?

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    So I selected 4 types of chickens from the hatchery for their egg laying ability and non-broody tendancies (RIRs, Black Australorps, Dominiques and Easter Eggers..... okay, so the easter eggers were just a "treat", but the other 3 kinds are supposed to be egg laying machines; right??) I had to order 25, and I only wanted about a dozen, so I rehomed the rest to my BIL and my preacher. Well about a month ago, the preacher calls me and says one of her chickens (the Dominique) is sick. It won't get off the nest and puffs up and squawks at her when she tried to collect the eggs. I laugh at her and tell her I think the chicken has gone broody. I go over and inspect, and sure enough, her Dom is broody. The preacher decides she wants to get some fertile eggs to try to hatch, so we're at 21 days today, waiting for her Dom to hatch eggs. (Fingers crossed for her!)

    About 4-5 days ago, one of my Doms starts sitting all day. Ugh! I don't want to hatch eggs. So I take her out of the nest... she screams at me, puffs up, pecks at me, etc. I have to take her out several times a day, and even close off the nest boxes to keep her out of them at night, and then go out and open them back up before first light so the rest can lay on time. Well, today a second Dom starts doing the same thing!

    I've read the posts on breaking broodies; I just don't want to do it! Can't I just have a normal chicken house for a while?!?!?

    Thanks for listening to my rant.

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    You are so right about it being a real pain in the tush. I often get 2 or 3 broody at the same time. I have taken to putting them a different cage for a couple of days and it seems to do the job of breaking the brood. Best wishes on the hatch.

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