Shaved Momma Cat


10 Years
Jul 14, 2009
The Beautiful Pacific NW ,WA
I finally had to shave the Momma cat that I took in. She is a long haired Siamese mix (looks Siamese) & was shedding EVERYWHERE. I think partly because of bad nutrition before and now because of the kittens. she has also developed a bad rash/irritation on her tummy from all the kitty claws. She's lost a lot of tummy hair so the rash is getting some balm everyday and the kitty claws are getting clipped and the bottle feeding has begun.

She actually doesn't look too bad shaved but i still have to finish 'cleaning her up', her legs and stuff still look scraggly. she was SO good for the whole process, i did most of ti while she nursed and then i scratched her back so i could shave her hind end
I will get pics up as soon as i get her all finished. I also have to cut the dogs hair today too, cocker spaniel/mini american eskimo mix.

3 of the kittens have Really taken to the bottle but of course the older ones (except the calico)dont like it as much. the older calico girl goes nuts for it once she realizes what it is, lol. i am feeding the siamese girl the most, she's a lot smaller than the rest and eats pretty fast and falls aslepp right away, she's just adorable. All their eyes are open now too.

I never realized how squishy & wrinkly cat skin was, lol.
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