Jul 21, 2017
I have this 3 month old French Black Copper MaranI got from an auction. I have had him about 11 days. For 5 days it was treated with corid water for cocciadstat and for parasites. The first 3 days he wouldn't eat or drink but I force watered him with an eyedropper. He is now eating and drinking on his own. Since I have had him he has had this weird breathing pattern of extending his neck and gasping with a rattling and clicking noise. After the corid treatment he would greet me and peep from time to time. (He has been in quarantine since he has been brought home). These past 2 days the breathing has gotten worse and hes starting to get lethargic again. I called my vet and she recommended vetrx for upper respiratory. I gave the first dose tonight but I am starting to think I should euthanize him because he has such low energy he can bareley squat enough to poop without it getting on himself or even keep his head up. The two days after the corid treatment he had electrolyte/probiotic mixed water. I love him but now I feel like I have kept him alive only to suffer now. Should I euthanize?


Jul 19, 2015
North Central Florida
Are you sure he had coccidia? Did you also do a dewormer (that isn't clear)? And why did you only do the Corid for two days?

VetRx is great but you may need to give antibiotics.

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