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    Apr 9, 2012
    I have a very unwell female goose and a vet who really doesn't know much about them. Anyone who might be able to help? Symptoms are:
    unsteady on feet. While standing still one of her legs almost gives way but she isn't falling over. Clear liquid from nose(I assume not mouth).

    Depressed with eyes half closed most of time. Its like shes going through the motions but isn't all there. She looks like shes got a blinding headache.

    Have seen her drinking but have not seen either eating so not sure on this. I thought she was drinking lots but then I have never taken notice of how much a goose drinks.

    She has been on Baytril 2.5mls 2 x daily a week tomorrow. She was very flat prior to this and definately initially picked up. However, she seems to have reached a plateau and has not improved further. Vet has said give her another week of antibiotics. She and mate are being kept in a stable and off the pond. There is a limit to how far this can go, but if there is hope we would like to keep going as she has a very attached mate who has already lost a previous mate (fox). Large glass of wine for any suggestions - we're desperate. [​IMG]

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