The Magical, Wonderful, Whimsical, Handicapped Poop Coop!


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First, let me introduce myself! My name is Jamie. My husband had been bugging me for years to get chickens and finally, after getting tired of spending $4 a dozen for free range, organic fed, hand collected eggs, I gave it some serious thought.

After much research (mostly here..what a wealth of information!), I couldn't find a down side. The chickens give us farm fresh eggs (I'd have to drive about 20 miles to get that local), we give the chickens scraps from the veggie garden (and I can't believe how cheap chicken feed is!), the chickens give me fertilizer to put back into my garden...what an awesome circle! Between my worm composter and my girls, I'll never have to buy fertilizer again! But I guess I'm preaching to the choir!

It took us about three weekends to build our Poop's only 4x6 so it probably wouldn't have taken even that long if it hadn't rained every 3.75 seconds.

The run side..

The egg side..

The poop side..

It's magical because it only cost $49 to husband keeps EVERYTHING. The whimsy comes for the crookedness..that's on purpose..really! It's handicapped because I designed it wider than a regular outhouse, no use wasting good space, and I think it turned out wonderfully!

Now we just have to build the run!
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Love it and love the moss! And Welcome To BYC!!

Edited to add we want to see pics of the inside (and the run, once it's done) we are very visually oriented here at BYC.........
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