Magnolia Ducks

Jan 24, 2018
Magnolia, TX
No damage. I can only figure a racoon got the barn door open enough to get in and I didn't notice it. I don't lock the barn doors at night since I can hardly move them myself. I lock them now since the horse is out. I'm really confused as to how Sue got out and spent the night out with no sign of any injury. Lots of feathers where Bogo was eaten. That's why I think its a racoon.


Jan 23, 2019
Villarrica, Chile
My Coop
Sorry to hear @Magnolia Ducks. Is there a chance the 2 could have squeezed out somewhere for a late night stroll and only Bogo came across a predator?
@YodaBat you got that built fast! No air predators there?
I have hawks but they can't strike the ducks. I made sure they had no running space to return to flight. A hawk with a duck would need 15 feet of run to get flight. So they leave my ducks alone and there are plenty of field mice that are better easier prey. I HOPE.


Jan 24, 2008
Hi Everyone,

Hi Bob! I went visiting on Saturday, so must do some gardening in what's left of Sunday. I did pot on some tomatoes and capsicums, but I have other chores to do. It's hot outside today! It shouldn't be hot in early spring. People who don't believe in global warming must never go outside.

@Muscovy Wunda, we have the little fruit flies that hang around fermenting fruit and sourdough starters here, but not some of the larger species. We now have guava moths in some parts of the country, so that's a really unfortunate addition to the fauna.

@Magnolia Ducks, predators are the worst. I'm so sorry you lost your Bogo.

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