This is terrible.

What a horrific story! I have 9 Alpacas and they are valuable animals, and the fleece is also very valuable. Sells for several dollars an ounce. They are such wonderful little critters, it is beyond me how someone could do that to them, or any animal for that matter.
That is horrible! What the heck is wrong with people.
If a person can do this to an adorable fuzzy baby, what do you suppose he's capable of doing to a human being? Definately, some serious counselling is in order - punishment alone will not change his ways or instill empathy for living creatures. very
who did you find that pays that much? I work with alpacas and yes, they are valuable, but not that valuable in today's market. Not an unproven male from a no name farm....
So sad, this is the kind of kid that will grow up to be a serial killer, If anything good can come from this story, it's that the kid is behind bars, and has a record.

Poor baby...
yeah..cept his record gets sealed when he turns 18.... so noone will ever know...

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