What Happend To The Oriental Game Fowl Thread ???

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    Was looking for the Oriental Gamefowl Thread.

    Was looking up some of these uniuqe meaty, leggy, & Tall breeds, [​IMG] the more I read the more I liked [​IMG]
    Oriental Game fowl Are AWESOME!!!!!!!

    Who has them in the U.S. ???

    Please post Pics [​IMG]
    Looking to learn more about these ancient breeds ????

    Asil , Shamo, KO Samo, Thailands, Brazilians, etc.

    I knew they were all old breeds, But
    was reading that a man was buried 2-4 thousand year ago.

    Burried with him in his tomb, was the remains of what looked to be his Asian gamefowl cock bird possibly ASIL . [​IMG]
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