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    Mar 23, 2010
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    Well...what is it?

    for example (i have to sum up, too long for the full story) a girlfriend from 23 years ago wants to see me out of the friggin blue.I tell my wife all about it,the whole truth that she just cares for me as a friend,that she respects my wife and her boundaries,that she wont come over unless my wife says so,that she isnt here to break up our 19 year marrage,etc..etc...

    so my wife says" my WOMAN'S INTUITION says somethings off.

    This girlfriend has given my wife the road, with nothing for herself.Why now does my wife put a woman's intuition detour sign up?

    If a man, like me, says " this is a man's intuition" women from all parts of the earth will laugh.

    women,dont spare the comments.Teach me this most perplexing womans intuition thingy. I must know.

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    Apr 29, 2011
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    Well I am NOT a woman ....but I think you may wanna chalk this one up as "common sense!" .... your wife is right .... BAD idea ... but most of the time they have more of that than we do .... especially when it's benefitting feeding our pride and squashing their security ;)
  3. newfoundland

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    Jul 1, 2010
    Woman's intuition is the ability to see right through to the motives of others, whereas a man is ever a fool for a pretty face!
  4. Sooner

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    Mar 22, 2009
    It's off, you don't want to just see someone after 23 yrs out of the blue.

    Women intuition~ no way to put it into words, we just know.
  5. sumi

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    It's a secret [​IMG]
    It's so funny, after all these years, men still don't get it.
  6. RHRanch

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    Yeah...I 'm with your wife.... There is something up. My women's intuition and years of life experience tell me this is not a good idea. lol
  7. EweSheep

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    A classmate, it would not have been a problem but a past girlfriend, that would be sounding alarms all over the place.

    Trust the wife's intuitions! They are never wrong! Let the girlfriend know at this point, you would rather not meet her. Be thankful that your girlfriend is ASKING your wife's permission before she makes the visit. That is common couresty and she is being respectful as well.

    Now go and take your wife out on a date and be thankful for her decisions. After all, how would you feel if she brought back her old boyfriend of her past all of a sudden wants to see her? What is his motives?

    Sometimes we can not always understand why we do but we usually MOST of the time are right on. Its like our seventh sense.
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  8. theoldchick

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    May 11, 2010
    Female intuition: knowing when something is not right. Or when something is right.

    My intuition is includes guessing what gender an unborn baby is. A few years ago at work about every female in the clinic (except me) was in various stages of pregnancy. I correctly guessed the gender of every child born in that clinic.

    Also my tech (spidey) sense was pretty keen when it came to anesthesia on a critical patient or someone in for routine work. I don't know what it was but I knew when to speak up for the patient if I though something was off. Once a dog came in for a dental. Something told me to do a urinalysis as part of pre-opt work up. A microscopic exam revealed a large number of struvite crystals. To make a long story short the dog had a several smalll uroliths in the bladder. We did a dental on the dog and a cystotomy. Saved the dog the misery of trying to hold her urine while housing a stone in her bladder.
  9. bnjrob

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    Dec 31, 2008
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    [​IMG]This isn't intuition as much as not putting yourself in a situation that could become dangerous. Many marriages have been lost because someone put themselves into a situation and they were just sure that "nothing is going to happen"...
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    Dec 22, 2009

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