Wheezy sounding breathing?

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    Hi everyone,
    when I went out to the coop about 10 minutes ago, I found my Barred Rock hen 'wheezing'. By wheezing I mean that her breat sounds 'squeakier' than usual, if that makes any sense. I brought her inside, and she is now in a cardboard box with hay, water and food. Is there any more I can do? A heat lamp orsomething? [​IMG]
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    Last thing you need to do is bring her inside.

    Get her back out where she belongs. Quarantine her if you plan to keep her. Most likely just a touch of cold.
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    Don't know bringing them inside may not be bad, it is good to take any enviromental stress off them, also inside is a good place to observe whats going on and get a better idea of how to treate. As far as quarantine for it to be effective it does need to be in a separate building so again inside the house is better than in a cage in the coupe.

    I'm of the mind chickens don't get colds, they get respritory distress from poor air quality and they get respritory infections, some of which are chronic. Look up CRD there is a lot of information out there to digest while you monitor how the chicken is doing and watch for symptoms.

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