Which are better Egg Layers?


8 Years
Apr 21, 2011
Which are better Eggs Layers? Rhode Island Red or Plymoth Rock? I know when you breed a RIR Roo with a PR Hen you get Sex Links. Are these Sex Links good Layers? Do RIR, PR and Sex Link (RIR-PR mix) every go broody? or is it bred out of them? Thanks for any responses!!
I have a RIR hen and she lays an egg a day for me. I also have 2 brown sexlinks or Red stars, and they lay an egg every other day but they are 3 years old. When they were younger they would lay a big brown egg every day. I personally don't like Red stars/ Sexlinks because most of mine and my friends have had egg problems like internal laying and egg binding. As far as broodiness, I have never had one of my sexlinks go broody I "think" it was breed out of them.

Hope this helps,
Australorps are a little more likely to go brooody, too, according to Henderson's. I have one broody BA.
I have had both the heritage RIR, Production Reds, and the Barred Rocks. When you say RIR are you talking about the hatchery RIR/Production Reds, or the heritage RIR? The best egg layers I have ever had have been my Production Reds. They are excellent winter layers as well. When it gets really cold and my Barred Rocks stop laying, my Reds keep on. The heritage RIR lay pretty good as well. My Barred Rocks lay decent, but my Reds far outlay them. The black sex-links are excellent layers as well. I have had several of those and they gave a good egg a day. I dont have any australorps, but i have heard they are pretty good layers as well. I am personally fond of the reds when it comes to having a good, solid, dependable backyard flock of big brown egg layers. But this is just my experience.

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