Which Do People Want More Guineas Or Ducks

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    Jun 29, 2011
    which do people want more or which can I sell the ducklings or keets for more money
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    Owasso, Oklahoma

    Depends on your area.

    I have had ducks and the older flock was fine (a little stinky) not bad though. BUT the duckling are very very messy. They will empty a waterer in a flash! Do not feed them medicated feed. The duckling were hard to sell around here for $2-$4 each and they eat a lot. A dozen duck eggs go for $5-$6.

    Guineas are much easier to raise they do require high protein feed and they are funny to watch. They grow fast and they eat NON-Medicated feed. They sell around here for $3-$6+ each depending on the color. A dozen guinea eggs go for $10-$20+ depending on the colors.

    I prefer guineas they are easier and worth more around here! Try both and pick your favorite!

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