Wyandottes- Breeding to the SOP, Showing, and General Discussion

Would you rather-

  • Have a Golden Laced Wyandotte?

  • A Silver Laced Wyandotte?

  • A Columbian Wyandotte?

  • Or no Wyandotte?

  • a Red Laced Blue Wyandotte?

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Jul 24, 2018
In the coop, Northern CA
Warning- Wyandottes are a sassy breed, so are their owners!

First- If you are looking for info look here and here!
Second- If you have a Wyandotte, are wanting to get a Wyandotte, or know anything about Wyandottes, join in!
Third- I would like to have a few rules-

1. Please don't fight
2. Don't rant about other breeds
3. Wyandottes only please :)
4. Have fun!

~About me and my Wyandottes~
I have one GLW, Sephora. I used to have three show-quality Columbian Wyandottes. There names were Penny, Nickel, and Dime. :gig BUUUUT.... I had to sell them. :( They were a pretty penny at my local fair, sold for $50 each! I don't have that much experience, but I love the breed and hope to get some SLW Bantams next year!
Sephora has attitude-


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Jan 10, 2016
Western PA
I have SLW and a Barred Rock that I got over the summer to replace 2 BSL that I lost over a few months (1 to below freezing temps in Jan then one to heat in June). So they were supposed to be 1- 1.5 years old, from a lady who had a nice farm yard. She sold them for $10 each. Both are healthy and the Barred Rock started giving me eggs right away. The Silver "Lynn" has YET to lay an egg. She shows NO issues with her heath. Just won't lay. Could she be older? Any way to tell?


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Jul 8, 2018
I used to have GLWs, they were sassy girls! I loved every minute of them, BUT my uncle had a cockerel about the same age as my girls, so they now live with him, I see them often and they’re happy and healthy!


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Apr 13, 2011
Fox Valley, IL
My Coop
My Coop
Just throwing this in here for fun. In December we were in Italy, and discovered that the national championship chicken show was going on that weekend. Took a ton of photos, when I get them sorted I'll be posting, but in the meantime here's a real fluffy butt white bantam Wyandotte. She wasn't a winner, just one of the 1500 or so chickens in the show. By the way, a lot of the birds were for sale, her price tag was €30,00, or about $35.00 u.s.

White Bantam Wyandotte Fluffybutt.jpg

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