"outbreak" of Salmonella.

By dundee7 · Jun 7, 2017 · ·
  1. dundee7
    Cases of Salmonella "outbreaks" are being reported in Montana. We need look no further than politics and weighty government control to see what this is pecking at-More foxes guarding the henhouse. For those of you..and there are many,thankfully, who oppose this unwelcomed intrusion into our back yards and have the wherewithal stamina to fight these beaurocrats, Remember that unwashed hands carry laundry soap also. Who does not wash after handling chickens or eggs? Salmonella does not stand a chance against washed hands. If your beaurocrat raised the argument that huge chicken barns maintained by "experts" are real solutions, go visit one. I promise that a single visit will change your life forever. And I do mean FOREVER. The daring, glaring, and tax faring beaurocrat cannot dispute a single fact you will then have at your wistful fingertips. You will see things no jury in the country wants to hear about . I promise you that! Prepare your defense invadvance, do not wait until a Salmonella " outbreak" crushes your freedom to own and operate a chicken yard.

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  1. Whittni
    Salmonella outbreaks have to be closely monitored because people die from them. If you were dying from it, you'd want to be able to trace the outbreak as well.
    1. dundee7
      FYI :) over 2,300 types of Salmonella lurk in the intestines of animals, birds, people- yes people- and insects.. Even pine nuts and cucumbers. Before some one tells you they are going after your chickens because someone died of salmonella, ask for the name of the person, name of the coroner, name of the treating physician name of the state medical examiner and want a copy of the medical history of the patient. name of the medical lab,name of the technician..getting my point? :)
    2. Whittni
      Yeah, have a degree in it..

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