1. Farmer Connie


    I am wide open for suggestions on how I can make my brand new in the box LG 9300 Incubator last longer! I have been running 3 of them, all 3 leak and one just flat out died a couple days ago. I believe it is all caused by MY CLEANING PROCESS. I just bought a replacement for the broken one, but...
  2. Lilorp14

    Broody hen quits sitting on eggs...that are now hatching...Help!

    Hello all, I had 2 broody hens, then 1 broody hen, now 1 egg hatching and the hen has no interest in sitting on them. The chick has opened the side of the egg enough to breath and is quietly chirping. My daughter is breathing on it to keep it warm and moist. Any suggestions? Thanks, Lilorp
  3. emmallaub

    Internal pip?

    I quickly candled all my eggs and they have appeared to have broken into the air cell, and a few wobble now and again. But I hear no chirping. I want to make sure to know when they internally pip, so I know when to help with the external because they are call eggs. I'll send photos if...
  4. emmallaub


    My little Call ducks are finally on lockdown. I'm so excited, but I have to stay reasonable. I have 5 eggs in there and I'm really impressed because their air cells were horrible but when I last checked them today, they seemed to have fixed themselves and look great! All of them moved and...
  5. SeattleButtons

    HELP! First Time Hatching Eggs (button quail)

    Hi All, I am currently incubating 4 button eggs... I originally ordered 15, but they were stuck in the post too long (about 6 days, shipped 2 days after collection) and most of them didn't make it :( Today is the 16th day of incubation, and yesterday, since I didn't really see any signs of...
  6. emmallaub

    Saddled Air Cells.

    I'm a little bit stressed. It's day 10, I checked all my eggs and they all have some form of a saddle. They're developing fine but some aircells are worst than others and I don't know how to help. They're call duck eggs and I only have 7 developing right now and I just want one to hatch, but...
  7. emmallaub

    Unusual Air Cells.

    I have shipped Call duck eggs, which I checked today (day 5), just to see the ones that were looking promising because I've heard how tough they are to hatch. I'm rather happy because 7/10 are looking pretty good, but one or two of them have rather large dips in the air cell. I know that can...

    New chicks on the way

    Hello Everyone. We have visited BYC many times and decided today to join. We have Chickens, Ducks, Turkeys, and geese. Even a couple of pheasant chicks. We got 8 Mille Fleur D'uccles about a month ago, 2 rooms & 6 hens. They were laying like crazy and we added them to the bators. Today is day...
  9. Farmer Connie

    Is it Possible to have " too much" Humidity? (INCUBATION)

    Is it possible to have a level of humidity which can be detrimental to the development of embryos of pre hatchlings? If so, what could the characteristics if the possibility of such an event occurred? Keep in mind the temperature would be carefully monitored by digital and analog devices...
  10. emmallaub

    Call Duck Air Cell

    Does anyone know what days I should check my call ducks air cells? Also, anyone have a diagram showing how large it should be the day of checking? Any help would be appreciated! Also, humidity recommendations would be very appreciated! Thank you :).
  11. Kittcat

    What happens to chicks when the incubation humidity is too low?

    I know that if you incubate at too high a humidity that they can drown in the shell, but what happens if it's too low? I live in a very dry climate where the humidity is often down to 15% (I add water to my bator so it's higher in there!!) so I was wondering what I would see doing eggtopsies...
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