new to chickens

  1. Caroline’sCluckers

    New hen mama here

    I’m Caroline and have had my chicks for about 2 weeks now. I live in North Carolina and work in medicine. This year I have begun a small garden and have now acquired chickens in the hopes of having food in my back yard! I have 6 hens (hopefully only hens) and am currently enjoying watching them...
  2. S

    Wanting to start

    Hey y’all!!! I’m wanting to start my own small chicken business selling eggs and breeding them as well. I want to start out with 15-20 chicken ( I don’t know if that’s to many) I’m also thinking of using golden comets for max egg production and wanting to use fodder for my feed. As for my coop I...
  3. LeahMMorris


    Hello, My name is Leah and I just started my chicken caretaking in February of this year (2018). I have 5 chickens and I’m not 100% sure what each one of them are breed wise. I also have indoor cat and a dog who can’t be running around with the chickens because he already tried to kill one. My...
  4. Chickababie01


    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? - Yes I am new , I have 12 eggs in the incubator and I’m new to all of this !! (2) How many chickens do you have right now? - 0 but 12 eggs (: (3) What breeds do you have? - all buff Orpington I recently ordered 3 black...
  5. J

    New to chickens

    We have 6 5 month olds and 6 5 week olds and it has been a fun learning experience!
  6. J

    New to the chicken, looking for a guide

    I am doing research, gathering information and planning for when I get some chickens. I would like to find a step by step guide on what to do in this journey of backyard chickens.
  7. Bollmash

    A Case of Pasty Butt

    So out of my new chicks I got from TSC, one has pasty butt. I cleared the poop out from her vent and got it out of her down, but I’m still worried about her. She keeps picking at her butt and so do the other chicks. I did just see her poop for the first time since clearing it up though! That’s...
  8. Bollmash

    Hello from Texas!

    Hello all! My name is Ashley and I am in Dallas county with a love for chickens! My first chicken, Queen Egglizabeth (Elly for short), is pictured in my profile image. I got her through an experiment in my AP Biology class. My teacher really sparked my interest for chickens and I raised Elly...
  9. JulieUnruly

    New Egg Here!

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I don't have any chickens yet! I was hoping to buy some adults after building my coop this year, and raising some babies up so they'll be ready to lay next year! (2) How many chickens do you have right now? Zero! (3) What breeds do...
  10. M

    New from Eastern Pennsylvania

    Hi there! We are a family of four with two daughters, 10 and 7. We moved into our country home from the city almost a year ago. We wanted to start a bit of homesteading and decided to start with chickens. None if us have ever had chickens, so we are welcome to any advice you have. We just bought...
  11. N

    New to chickens!

    I am new to chickens. We had 8, had an attack 3 days ago and lost 5 . So very sad. Need help on best way to secure run and advice on a chicken that isn't bearing weight after the attack.
  12. J

    new to chickens

    Hello I am in NC, and I want to have a few chickens for fresh eggs, but I am terrified of snakes and I fear that chickens will attract them. My worst nightmare would be getting some eggs and fiding a snake in the nesting box. I am originally from the North and have been in NC for little over a...
  13. T

    Howdy from TX

    We got our first hens in April: 5 Rhode Island Reds. 2 just started laying.(4.5 months old) We have 2 great pyrs, 1 Golden Retriever, 3 cats, and 3 days ago 8 more 5 week old chicks and a cockrel. (2 Barred Rock, 2 Cream Legbars, 2 Americauna/RE, 1 Austrolop, 1 Black Sexlink, 1 Cream Legbars...
  14. farmermama

    Bought some land and gifted some chickens...loving new farmer life!!

    We have just moved to Walla Walla WA and decided to purchase an acre so we could raise some animals and a garden. We were gifted two small flocks of youngish chickens within 3 months of moving in and integrated them together over time. 6 Rhode Island reds and then 5 assorted motley crew...
  15. NoVAchickens

    Chicken coop design pros and cons

    I am brand new to keeping chickens but have done a lot of reading. I have yet to find anything that weighs pros and cons of different coop designs such as tractor or fixed, large pens with nesting house, custom coops, etc. These forums seem to be used primarily as a means of showing off...
  16. Saraley


    Hi My family and I just moved to a 5 acre acreage - and we are anxious to get started with all sorts of livestock but are starting with chickens. We have currently have 5 chickens we got back in April that should be around 16 weeks old (4 buff orpingtons, 1 Rhode island red), and we also have...
  17. Jrobinsonmtplus3

    Diving head first into becoming a Chicken Momma! Need all the advice :)

    Hey Y'all! We are getting into the thick of gathering supplies for our run and I'm trying to find a decent coop for our needs. Our chicks are due to hatch the week of June 5. We have 2 of each of the following coming, All sexed females: Speckled Sussex Barred Plymouth Rock Golden Laced...
  18. jeanaq

    Newbie from Eastern Iowa

    I'm new to BYC and chicken owning, so I thought it would be good to introduce myself! :) (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I am new to owning chickens! I first discovered my interest in them a few months ago when my FFA advisor put me into the poultry judging team...
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