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    My female Aussie Spot ducks have laid >100 eggs already this Spring and are still laying about 3-4/day. But they are also hourding them for 2 nests now too, and I"m getting 1-2 eggs/day left for me to gather. I'll send 12 (+ free extra) for $20 + $15 for shipping to anyone in the 48 lower United States. My Mama duck hatched 8 babies last Spring (I lost 3 of them over the winter- we had horrendous freezing rain and ice storms and they didn't go into their shelter during it all. ) and some BYC members have had some hatch from their eggs too. The eggs I ship will be collected daily for almost a week, then I'll bubble wrap each egg and I should be able to ship out the same day or day after Paypal payment ($35) to [email protected] is rec'd. I've been using Priority Mail USPS, but if the winner prefers Express Mail, please tell me that when you win and we can discuss it thru PMs.
    Thanks- and I've got more adorable baby pics(Ok- grown up pics too) if you want to see....the original parents are Blueheads, so the babies are ending up all 3 colors I think. if these nests end up being sat on and babies hatch, they'll be for sale too- for pick up only. I'm in NJ near the Pa border, so anyone who wants possible ducklings- keep watch here in a month of so....I can't possibly keep 20 new ducklings plus all the adults I have. I'd have to sell some babies or a couple adults too.

    PS-These are small ducks...just a bit larger than Mandarin Ducks...
    I hatched my original pair from eggs I got from Asher (here on BYC) She told me that she hatched her male from Poorridgeranch and the "girls are from Holderreads." So I'm trusting they are from good stock.
    last Spring parents and babies....
    last week- enjoying sunshine and clean water
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