1st flock - Abq. NM

Sam3 Abq

9 Years
Sep 13, 2013
Albuquerque, NM
My family and I are thinking/planning for our 1st flock.
Six girls is our target right now.
We are considering the following different breeds to all be members - pros / cons to having 6 different birds in one flock ?
1. Austorlorpe.
2. Wyandotte.
3. New Hampshire.
4. Plymoth Rock.
5. Rhode Island Red.
6. Speckled Sussex.

Look forward to responses - especially if you're from the Southwest/ Albuquerque area.

Thanks - Sam
Welcome to BYC! Glad you joined us!


Pros to a mixed flock - It is fun to figure out which are which and then as they start to feather out you slowly have the answer revealed.
Different chickens have very different personalities.
Chickens are a lot of fun and different breeds together are fun to watch

Cons: You may discover you have a favorite emerge and you will want more - has anyone explained chicken math to you yet? Yeah! Chicken math - 55 chickens later......oh one more won't make a difference.....

Enjoy the chickens. I have had all the types you mentioned. I love the austrolopes and the new hampshire and the speckled most from your list. But they were all great!

thanks for the response. we may end up getting a couple of each (not exceeding 6 total) but those are the breeds we're most interested.
I would be excited for different types together.


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