4 Appenzeller Spitzhauben Roos silver Oregon


Jul 30, 2016
I have hatched 4 beautiful Appenzeller Spitzhauben Roos. 7weeks old but will be 8 weeks by the time you get them.
They were raised by a broody spitz. 100% Free ranged so they are very predator savvy. Raised on organic Scratch and Peck, they come when called and have been handled by kids constantly. Mama is completely done with them so they coop themselves at night and are sleeping without mama or lights. They are starting to crow... they are ready to go!
I've advertised local with no interested in anything other than eating them... so... I'm willing to ship. I've never done it before but I can do it. These boys are wild and feisty and free (other than shipping costs to you (which I dont know what that is yet)
Looking for someone who is in love with spitz and excited for one or more of these boys. Parents pictures... baby pics and a few pics from last night.
You can reply, message, call or txt me 208-371-3984
I love these boys and I'm really hoping to find them a home!
The crest in their parents is beautiful!! Not too much like you see in a lot of spitz. IMG_6586.JPG IMG_6822.JPG IMG_6885.JPG IMG_7150.JPG
I've never heard of such a thing! I'm in the city and can only have 3 hens anyway... I was just trying to get 1 more hen... and just my luck, 4 Roos.
I rehomed them today!

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