Any Home Bakers Here?


9 Years
Apr 19, 2012
NW Vermont
I stand corrected!
Not corrected, informed :D

It changes daily as the virus surges and wanes in various parts of the country/world. We've been moving up the chart, now at 17th. At times we have been #50. No one knows why we are having high cases now. No superspreaders, seems to be small gatherings and "community spread".

I think maybe some of the younger kids have never seen giblets I did the little 101 on butchering here . The younger gal of the two had never seen the inards and was bit taken aback
They have innards? They aren't just full of air? Oh my! ;)

What is everyone making today?
Need to make sandwich bread. Going to try the Vermont Whole Wheat Oatmeal again, hope it works better this time. Also, while I halved the cinnamon the first time I think I'll skip it entirely this time.

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