Are silkie roosters always aggressive?


Aug 28, 2019
Marshall NC (western NC mountains)
so I have been raising chickens for 3 years now...and I've only had silkie roosters for my flock so far. The 2 i've had (1 deceased) are/were very aggressive, chasing the hens relentlessly at different times of the day, and chasing me always in the pen. IS this normal silkie male behavior? or am i just getting some mean roosters? lol
I have had a total of 7 silkie roosters, 4 of 7 I didn't have any issues with. I think it's just a rooster thing. It's a hit or miss with roos, some are just mean.

Edit: I would recommend getting rid of aggressive roos.
Lol I just literally posted about aggressive silkie roos. The one I have left out of 3 I was given to me is timid and kind.

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