12 Years
Apr 7, 2010
I, have the chance to purchase a Barnevlder. Hope anyone can give me your thoughts on this breed. Would like to know if they are flighty or any positvie/negative on this breed. Thanks for your input;)
I have a nice pair I got from a friend . . . Initially they were a little flighty but her pen set up does not really need constant hands on the chickens... now they are in a tractor and they no longer freak when I do my chicken business but they are not cuddly either.

beautiful beautiful birds.
Is the Roo agressive? I don't know nor do the owner know if it is a male/female because it is only a few weeks old. I had a RIR Roo that I had to give away because he was very mean to everyone including the ladies. I wouldn't mind having a Roo if he is not aggressive but, I don't need a new mean Roo. How well do Barnevelder's adapt to other chickens?
I don;t know about other chickens! I have them in a tractor as a pair- the roo seems sweet

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