Broody not caring for chicks?

Chicks 'n ducks

Jan 23, 2018
Northern Colorado
My silkie just hatched 3 chicks out of 3 eggs last Sunday. She does not seem to notice that the eggs have hatched. she is glued to her nest still. I have picked her up off the nest and set her and her chicks next to some hard boiled egg cut into bits. She dove right in but did not make any effort to feed her chicks. She seems very disinterested. She keeps them warm, but that's it. I'm starting to get worried. What should I do? Should I move them to a brooder?
There are no duds, they all hatched. I was able to get the chicks to eat a little tonight, but I had to hand feed them. My hen doesn't bother helping the chicks find food and water.
I would personally pick her up and her chicks an put the chicks in a broody bin and but the silkie out of where she is for a few minutes let her walk around. Don't let her get back to where her best was and then put her in with the chicks in a bin with food and water.


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