Broody Silkies Question


Aug 6, 2019
I currently have 5 broody Silkies, one of which has a clutch of 8 eggs due to hatch any day now. This hen will be a first time mom. My question is: should I give a few of the 8 chicks to the other broody hens? This would lighten her load a bit and it would be nice to have multiple hens looking out for the chicks among the flock. I had this happen a few months ago with 2 of my broody hens. One had no eggs, the other hatched 2 chicks. One of the chicks somehow ended up "imprinting" on the broody hen that had no eggs while the other chick stayed with "mom". It worked out quite well but this is obviously on a little larger of a scale. Anyone have experience with this?


Mar 4, 2019
Northern California
I like to give my first time mammas 3 babies at the most just to see If they are good moms for the following years and to see if I want them to be the moms in my flock. Every year I like to add more and more eggs to her batches.
this is going to be interesting.
i would take at least 3-4 eggs from her and put them either all under a new one or distribute them about.
you could maybe make it a little fun and get 2 mammas to raise 2-3 babies.
if you do take some eggs and put them under some of the other broodys I would try and look for the ones that you think will be good moms out of the five you said you had. If not all of them get babies this year they will be ok. Ive let my moms raise fake babies or you could break any extras you have so they can get back into laying.
good luck!

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