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    Time for a new and updated thread. Please read though the updates before nominating.

    We are now accepting nominations from the Community for those individual Members that consistently demonstrate a commitment to excellence in one or more of the following areas:
    1. BYC Educator: [​IMG] This is a Staff awarded accolade. We have changed this award to reflect only the highest standards. Only those who adhere to the highest standards of knowledge and education will be considered for this award. While nominations will be accepted for this award, the Staff will thoroughly vet each person and only those who meet/exceed the Staff's high criteria will be awarded the Educator Badge. Nominees must, among other points, have a verifiable reputation of providing information more than just "common knowledge," assist members in a positive and courteous manner, be open to feedback without getting defensive, and should maintain their good standing with little disciplinary action for rules violation.
    2. BYC Friend: [​IMG] These individuals are just plain fun and great to have around! They are our favorite comedians and enablers; our most cluckative. They are always accessible to lend a cordial and helping hand. Their enthusiasm encourages us, their empathy comforts us.
    3. BYC Spirit: [​IMG] These individuals best demonstrate ALL-AROUND outstanding service and commitment to the BYC members and community. While maybe not expert educators, they are trusted Educators nonetheless, as well as Friends to all. They are dedicated to the BYC Community as a whole, and strive to help promote, support and uphold its values and goals.
    4. BYC Greeter: 13_1493494659l.png These individuals are our BYC "Welcome Wagon!" They are the members that are most active in welcoming the new members to our community, especially in the "New Member Introductions" forum. Nominees will be judged on a) How long they've been welcoming new members; b) How many new members they welcome; and c) The quality and friendliness of their welcome.

    See all the awards here.

    Nomination & Award Process:
    1. Use this Nomination Submission Form to make your nomination, and be sure to include a brief comment on why you are nominating the individual. Nominations with no comment and only a name cannot be accepted. Please be sure you are spelling the name correctly.
    2. Members may place in nomination a maximum of four (4) members per month; however, you may nominate only one (1) member per award category per month.
    3. Nominations are automatically forwarded to the BYC Awards Committee. They will validate and tabulate all nominations.
    4. Member must be active and in good standing in the BYC community to receive and/or retain awards.
    5. Members may not nominate themselves for any award; all self-nominations will be voided. Members may not ask for nominations. Those doing so will have their nominations voided.
    6. Qualified Awardees will be announced quarterly and medals given.
    7. The Awards Committee, at its discretion and by majority vote, may elect to reclassify a nomination to a more appropriate award classification.
    8. All nominations shall remain confidential and known only to the Awards Committee and BYC Staff.
    9. The Members of the Awards Committee shall remain confidential and known only to BYC Staff.
    Tips for nominating
    1. Be sure you are spelling the username correctly. Please don't use the @ symbol.
    2. Please be sure your nominee doesn't already have the medal you are nominating them for.
    3. Please do not nominate yourself. This includes using alias accounts to nominate yourself. Self nominations will be voided.
    4. Please do not tell your nominee that you nominated them. All nominations should be confidential. Please do not post about the nominations you have done on the forum. If you have questions about a certain nomination, please PM a Staff member. Confidentiality keeps everything fair and avoids hurt feelings.
    5. Please do not ask for or otherwise solicit nominations. Doing so will void any nominations you receive.

    April, 2011 Winners . . . . . . . . . . Excerpts from April Nominations
    May, 2011 Winners
    June, 2011 Winners
    July, 2011 Winners
    August, 2011 Winners
    September, 2011 Winners . . . . . . . . . .Excerpts from September Nominations
    October, 2011 Winners
    November, 2011 Winners . . . . . . . . . . Excerpts from November Nominations
    December, 2011 Winners
    January, 2012 Winners
    February, 2012 Winners

    March, 2012 Winners
    April 2012 Winners
    May 2012 Winners
    June 2012 Winners
    July-September 2012 Winners
    September-December 2012 Winners
    January-March 2013 Winners

    January-March 2014 Winners
    April-June 2014 Winners
    July-September 2014 Winners
    October-December 2014 Winners
    January-March 2015 Winners
    April-June 2015 Winners
    July-September 2015 Winners
    October-December 2015 Winners
    January-March 2016 Winners
    April-June 2016 Winners

    July- September 2016 Winners
    October-December 2016 Winners
    January-March 2017 Winners
    April-June 2017 Winners
    July-September 2017 Winners
    October-December 2017 Winners
    January-March 2018 Winners
    April-June 2018 Winners
    July-September 2018 Winners

    October- December 2018 Winners
    January-March 2019 Awardees

    Old Awards Thread
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    Congratulations everyone!
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    Congratulatulations everyone!!!:clap
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    A hardy congrats to all!! :clap

    Educators Award, @ChickenCanoe VERY well deserved! :)

    Spirit Awardees, @bobbi-j and @EggSighted4Life , long over due! :yesss:

    All the Friend Awardees, you guys stand for all we are here on BYC, friends to all! :clap

    And those Greeters and Friends that spent many months greeting, @rjohns39 @blackdust951 @penny1960 @Hope Hughes @007Sean @FrankieDoodle @Smuvers Farm @Stayc (I hope i didn't miss anyone) all I can say is you guys are awesome!!! :bowSome very happy new members who were made to feel all warm and fuzzy about BYC!!

    Big Congratulations to everyone!! :woot
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    Awww, Thank you to whoever nominated me. Congrats to everyone!
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    Congratulations Everyone!:thumbsup
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    Thank you so much to whoever nominated me for my Badge!! :jumpy
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    :goodpost: Excellently true!!
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    Congratulations to all sporting new badges!

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