Chick transfer in California


May 27, 2020
Elk Grove,CA
Two of my chicks are almost 7weeks old. They’re almost all feathered only missing head feathers and about a quarter size on each side of there flank up under the wings. They’re outside all day in the run or free ranging but I’m still bringing them in at night. We live in the Sacramento area where it’s insanely hot during the day now (90s🥵) which they handle just fine so I’m wondering if it’s really necessary to bring them inside and confine them at night. It’s still getting down to 50-60 so I’m really not sure if just the two of them would be enough body heat. I just feel really bad footballing them back into the house every night because they have so much fun during the day and they’re really out growing the brooder. Any advice would be really appreciated.


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