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    howdy Guys, I’m hoping y’all can help me figure out my mystery. I have tried both wet and dry incubation in two different incubators and have had the same problem. During wet incubation, I kept the incubator, a forced air, at 40-50% humidity and 60-65% at hatch. In my dry inchbation run, my most recent, I added no water and it stayed 15-25% the whole incubation and I bumped it to 50% for hatch. I had 11 hatch, and 8 pipped internally through the membrane then never hatched. What could cause this? It happened both times, wet and dry incubation, with forced air and still air. I don’t understand why I’m losing almost half of my hatch on the final day of incubation. Any input is appreciated.
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    The Humidity you had it at was really low, humidity for hatching should be at 65-75% That was most likely the issue. Best Regards
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    X2 what poultry keeper said.
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    I am sorry to hear you are having trouble.
    What type of eggs are you incubating?
  5. Humidity to low get it to 75 percent and watch closely. When the eggs get pipped and the chick starts to zip the egg and if the humidity is low the membrane drys out fast and then will harden not allowing the chick room to finish piping itself out. If it happens again just open the egg and feel the membrane then you will see better what is happening. Good luck
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    Have you got good ventilation in your incubator? Incubators have plugs that need to be removed so the eggs and hatching chicks have access to fresh air - some people keep them out permanently. Hopefully you can figure this out - it's no fun losing babies. :hmm
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    humidity was low thus poor hatch rate. I personally help hatch chicks as what most likely happend by the sound of it in this case the membrane dried out and the chicks got stuck in the egg.
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    I'm thinking with the forced air the humidity was to high during the incubation period. The eggs never lost enough moisture so the air cells were too small and they drown ..
    The dry incubation was just that...Too dry..
    Best of luck next time..
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    forced air incubation says between 40-50% is ideal then like 70-75% at lock down. most incubator manuals save simular guidelines

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