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Jun 25, 2019
My Coop
My Coop

Couple of Chance's latest photos...the first is for those that don't ever catch their geese mating 🤭 These 2 have no shame...

Now that it's the geese's turn for mating, it's been interesting to see Chance step into the dominant role of my flock. He's no longer afraid of the chickens, Tom, or anything else for that matter. His confidence is through the roof, and it makes my heart burst with pride! He's still fairly well behaved to humans...every once in a while I catch him trying to sneak up on my son and hiss, but no biting! I've told everybody at the house not to let him get away with that because I don't want it to escalate.
So for now we've got mating and protective behavior, but no eggs. With such a mild winter, I'm curious to see when we go into full swing and lay some eggs! I'm hoping if all goes well that BB will hatch a couple goslings 🤞😁🥰
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