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  1. randy b

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    Jan 24, 2008
    Me and my family live in sunny california allong the coastline and have built a beautifull large coop and have recently recieved a beautiful americana rooster and hen. The first two days the rooster was as nice as can be and now you cant even enter coop without it attacking you causing children and my wife to be a little scared to enter. I would like to know if this is normal and any ideas how to calm him. Thanks pollo loco
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    Well if you bought him as an adult, he might not have been hand raised. Also if he was not raised on you property he might be trying to protect his only hen. He probably doesnt know you all to well yet. Make sure everyone goes to see the chickens on a daily basis, or when someone who hasnt been arround in a while comes to see the chickens the roo might not see them as the person who care for him everyday and take them as a predator.
    I would sugest getting some baby hens to raise. If the roo is not going to cooperate get rid of him, but give him a chance if you do get rid of him make sure to get mor chickens, or your hen will be lonely. good luck and ask more questions if needed, im sure i didnt answer everything. The link should hhelp you. But i defenitly suggest to get more hens or that roo is going to only mate with her and she wont be doing so good. oh yeah that is normal. [​IMG]
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    Jan 15, 2007
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    I have a roo that is somewhat like yours, it took my 6 year old grand daughter to put him in his place. For about a week after I got him, he would run her out of the chicken yard. One day I saw her headed to the chicken yard with a stick in her hand. When I asked her about the stick, she said it was time to teach Little Red some manners. As she entered the yard, the roo came a running, just as he was about to put the spurs to her, she held up the stick and yelled. This stopped him in his tracks, but he kept eyeing her as she checked the coops and collected some eggs. As she was coming back toward the gate, he figured it was his time. Little did he know she was watching him and just as he jumped up she let him have it. She had to do this a few more times, but now they are best of friends. He still gets me from time to time when my back is turned. For each roo you should have at between 8 and 15 hens. He will in time over work the one you now have.

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