Day old chick still pretty wobbly

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by azfordby4, Jun 9, 2011.

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    We have a Jersey Giant chick that was the last of five to hatch yesterday late morning. They were hatched under our broody bantam Cochin hen and are all out scavenging around the coop with her today. This last one that hatched is out with the others and following the mama around and everything, but isn't as strong as the other four. It's still pretty wobbly when it walks around, and is quick to sit down and rest when the action stops. Its legs and feet look like they're shaped OK, although we haven't gotten a super close look at it since mama tries to kill us when we get close. Is there anything we should be doing to help it or strengthen it in some way, or should we just leave it alone since it is technically getting around? Maybe since it was born a half a day to a day after the others it's just that much younger so it seems weaker relative to them? This is our first time ever having baby chicks, so we have no other experiences to compare their behavior or development to. We were also thinking of getting some of that Polyvisol baby vitamin stuff for it to see if maybe that would give it a little boost. Any insight/advice is appreciated.

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    Put some sugar in the water. (or vitamins if you have them) You can also use Polyvisol as long as it doesn't have the iron in it.

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