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    Jan 1, 2015
    I am awaiting poo results which will be skewed as she had a week of Baytrill over Christmas with zero improvement and goung off all food during. Amoxycillin 4 days now with zero change. I've syringed daily only maybe 30 ml of critical care solution mixed with ready break to thinken. She's been ill before once coccidiosis with no blood combined with an antibiotic can't recall which. However should I need to treatvwurh the foul tasting denegard I will be wanting to dose her directly. Now if I make up as directed I can put 1ml into a gel capsule as do with other liquids.. But how much to give would anyone know?
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    Mar 22, 2014
    Denagard works best if they are drinking on their own. I would inject IM with tylan 50 for 5 days at 1/2ml per day. Thanks Jason.
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    How often can treat with denagard? I gave 1 tbs in a gallon of water for 7 day. Treated my whole flock for upper respiratory... its been a week now and I have 2 cochins sneezing and coughing again. Can i retreat? Should i retreat everyone? Or separate the two? Thks
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    I think a tablespoon is a lot, but anyway. I would treat with something different like Tylan (Tylosin) because Denegard may not be killing that specific bacteria. Tylan would be 1 teaspoon per gallon.
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    Do you knoe uf the two affected are drinking it. It us the nost dusgusting styff and they dont like rhe taste. Its 2mls per litre of water. If they are eating try making some porridge with the water and feeding them that way... Hopeless way to treat if they are nor eating and drinking.
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    Jan 12, 2007
    I got some Denagard from Twin City Poultry Supplies to try. They have a smaller that you can get if you don't want to commit to the larger more expensive bottle. The bottle came with dosing instructions for small flocks. Preventative: 1.5 teaspoon per gallon of water. Treatment: 3 teaspoon per gallon of water.

    Also, I think it was mentioned that you can add a cycline type antibiotic and they will help support each other when you have acute illness.

    I have had great success using this so far. I use it as a preventative when I bring in new birds. I think that it helps them through the stress of being exposed to new germs. Seems to work very well with chicks, also.
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    This is so interesting - I don't think it is cleared by the USDA for use in Poultry. does your package mention poultry?

    Daily the water must be poured out and replaced with a fresh mix - if anyone reading this doesn't realize.
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    Here is some info on Denagard posted on the Chicken Medicine Chart on the website linked in my sig. There is also dose & other info on many medications for various conditions in the chart if you are looking for additional treatment possibilities.

    Denagard 12.5% Liquid
    Denagard 10% (2% type may be too dilute to easily treat chickens??) Premix powder for feed (Do NOT feed undiluted)
    Denagard 45% Soluble powder for drinking water

    One of the more powerful meds for Mycoplasmas.
    *Eggs are safe to eat.
    Meat withdrawal: 2-5 days.
    *Recommended to give a Tetracycline class med at same time because synergizes & increases effectives of both meds, & also helping prevent E. Coli (which is possible problem after broad antibiotics).
    *Don't combine with high doses of the anticoccidials monensin, narasin, or salinomycin.
    *Not approved for poultry in US.

    *Tastes bad. If giving in drinking water, add sweetener (preferably Xylitol or 100% juice; sugar is another option). If in food, mix in tasty mash. Check to make sure each bird still eats & drinks enough. Can divide dose into food & water to help ensure consumption.*Daily dose must be given gradually over time--NOT all at once nor in a single meal. Do NOT give undiluted or bird's system may react with extreme gagging or other symptoms.

    Dose for CRD prevention: 1/2 the "treatment" dose; recommendations about # of days vary.
    Reassuring note: Bacteria strains susceptible to Denegard are not able to build resistance very easily, even with underdosing or overly frequent dosing, (though over-use may imbalance bird's body other ways).

    Denegard 12.5% Liquid dose:
    For CRD treatment: 250 mg per litre drinking water [1/10 tsp (.55 cc) per average chicken] doses all ages at 25 mg/kg. Treat chicken for 3-5 days, or turkey for 5 days. Birds should show improvement in 1-2 days. Possibly continue treatment once/ month for a year.
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    The above is good information -

    I gave it to my flock - and there was NO PROBLEM whatsoever with them drinking the water with no 'flavor' or 'sugar' added to the I take the 'tastes bad' that is kind of anecdotal? with a grain of salt. However I don't give my chickens water with chlorine in it possibly could have something to do with the taste if there is a reaction.

    If a person takes birds to poultry shows - there are recommendations to treat their water pre-show and post-show when you bring them back home - and of course it is recommended to quarantine your bird once back from the show -- just as if it was any new bird on your premises.

    Just a note also - the vet I spoke with told me no sales of meat or eggs if I go this route and use it. (I'm fine with eating the eggs etc, and use the chickens for meat only occasionally when I need to cull one)--- I think the reason he told me this is because it is not FDA approved in the USA - and he was just doing due diligence. But users should be aware. The product used successfully in Europe for 25-years. The USA will eat GMO - Europe bans them -- Very different outlooks I would say.
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    Many websites, including the one mentioned, sell products for poultry that aren't approved for use in poultry, some are even banned (Baytril, Cipro, metronidazole). It's up to us to do our homework and decide if it's worth using such drugs. We should also verify dosing info from places like Twin City as often the directions listed are *not* correct.


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