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    Nov 5, 2009
    @vehve , no problem. It is still a good reference. Thanks for making it available.
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    Thanks for the feed calculator...I may not end up using it but I am interested in seeing it anyway...

    @Sam aka Hennible....what's the word on the chocolate?
    @tntchix We have a heat gun I would lend you if you weren't so far away...any luck?
  3. hennible

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    Too lazy to check the mail...
  4. I found the heat gun...it's with the DH in TX. LOL Just about the same distance as yours, Jules.[​IMG]
    I gave up for the day, hair dryer didn't make enough heat. I am now missing my contractor, he let me borrow anything from the tool crib when he was here.[​IMG]
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    When is Punky coming back? He can check it (and hide the chocolates in his car)

    I've been reading a bit more about these insect hotels. They seem to mostly give shelter to beneficial insects that are natural enemies of the little bugs that go around eating your garden. And also a lot of pollinator species like them. I'm not sure if these are just the ones people write about, or if it will actually be beneficial to a garden. But at least it would be a cool looking way to get rid of some of the pine cones and little branches that always seem to find their way to the yard.
  6. Oh, @vehve just threw down the gauntlet, Sam you are gonna lose your goodies to Punky. RUN!!! Nobody gets between me and chocolate.

    I've heard insect hotels are wonderful for controlling the icky pests and bringing the good guys back where they belong. The best part? You can make em any size you want from almost anything. Time to do some research. Vehve, you have the best ideas for projects I swear.
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    Seeds from bama came, no chocolate though.
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    Dec 6, 2014
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    What's up Dixie? I am 400 or so pages behind! There is no way I am going to catch up......Just wanted to pop in and say hi!
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    Though you've seen me elsewhere ;)
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    Dec 6, 2014
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    Well, hello! [​IMG] I guess everybody ran away from me! [​IMG]

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