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  1. Sorry, I stepped out to give the girls a little exercise and swapped the first waterer out. All went well until Spartacus tried to climb the mountain of snow...sunk right in and just glared at me like it's my fault he's stuck. LOL It was the first time I have ever picked him up, I swear he nuzzled me. aww my roos are such good boys.
    I tried having Kiwi, the GSD herd the girls out from under the deck (they shot out of the coop like a cannonball and headed straight for the deck) but she got too excited about the chicken poop buffet to help. [​IMG]Now I know why lattice around the deck was not a good idea. I can't get them to come out. LOL

    Now I am plopping my butt on the couch to catch my breath for a bit. Leftover chicken tortellini stewp for dinner.
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    Sam, it might. It would actually be pretty easy to add a price row and calculate the total cost for the feed. PM me your gmail address and I'll share the spreadsheet with you. You can jsut copy it from there to yourself, and modify it. I'll add the price row in it first though.
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    Well, um, no wasn't kidding [​IMG] I just seem to have an affliction called "need to know". I love reading, I love information and I don't want to miss out. I cannot say how many hours I have spent reading on BYC (mostly) about chickens in preparation for having them - but it's enough I get comments from my family [​IMG] What? No, of course I'm not researching chickens again. This flaw is an asset until I go overboard - my sister in law recently invited me on a girls weekend away, just the two of us. She said that I was not allowed to research before we went. [​IMG]

    Now if only I had Amberjem's "near photographic" memory, I'd be all set! Incidentally, one reason I want chickens is to get me outside more. I love being outside but I need a reason to get out there regularly or I get lazy...No worries at our new place, there will always be something to do!
  4. jules, i think we are twins. It can take me hours to get through back posts, but I read all of them. Research? Yep, me too. Chickens will definitely help with the "get outside" thing. I am out there almost every day since we got them compared to the house hermit I used to be. LOL Only going out to go to town and such. It's a game changer.
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    That is awesome tnt! Yes, I need a game changer - this sitting at the computer for hours isn't helping my headaches any. DH says he's going to set me up with a more ergonomic computer station at the new place - right now I'm at the dining table since we have a beautiful view of the Sound here. Won't have this water view down the road at our new place, but we will have our own piece of dirt to use as we please (renting currently). So far, the brambles being cleared were mostly to uncover the septic drain field -which we then discovered was entirely inadequate for what we were doing with the house. New septic design completed, new system going in when construction begins. Meanwhile - coop and run design and building (after more clearing and leveling).

    Reading last night all the gardeners talking about the neglected gardens you have acquired and brought back to glory over the years was inspiring. I really wish I had your knowledge! We have an orchard that has been neglected along with the house and fields. I've checked out some books and know I can't just hack them way back or they could go into shock. The book said to prune them over 3 years. I'm nervous to begin, but it has to be done. There are 2 old cherry trees and about 6 apple trees. When we first saw the property at the end of August last year the first apple trees were producing and if I remember correctly the last one stopped in early December. The cherry trees were bare when we first saw the property. I also want to clear an area for a garden - either that or cover up a grassy area with garden. The garden can evolve over time (it will have to!) but I at least want to start this year. All the work that needs to be done is simultaneously overwhelming and exciting. We have a contractor doing most of the work at the house since it's a major remodel that we just aren't equipped to do, but we will be doing whatever we can ourselves.

    Oh, on the list will be a compost pile of course. Vehve- I read your hot composting thread a while back - very interesting.

    Have a great Saturday everyone [​IMG]
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    Thanks vehve
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    I often find myself in real life conversations about composting, then Karin overhears, and goes "Oh no, is he talking about his compost again? It's got a fanclub on the internet..." [​IMG]
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    Sam, I just noticed I can export the spreadsheet in other formats, so here it is for anyone who's interested.
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    Nov 5, 2009
    Thank you vehve! [​IMG] Saved it for reference.
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    NAF, slight disclaimer, I tried to use Finnish grown grain nutrient values whenever I could find them, so if you use that, check what values are applicable in your area. The place where the grains are grown has some effect on the composition, both due to the difference in water, sun and soil, and also the grains might be slightly different species. Quite many farmers also have their feed analyzed, so be sure to ask for an analysis report every time you buy grains and other similar stuff. You should also be able to add new columns pretty easily.
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