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    Awesome on the sprout pics! I can't wait to see them!
    I have one thermometer that I put the sensor at mid level and can read the temp from the house, but I need a hygrometer too. And I would like to be able to track the temp in the run. Yesterday the sun was shining and the run felt fairly comfortable. In the summer I want to know the temp of the run as well because of the metal roof. Last summer wasn't bad but if we get some really hot sunny days I expect I'll have to cool the roof off once or twice in the day with water.
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    Apr 16, 2012
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    I always forget about the DIY thread! Thanks for the reminder too!
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    I was pretty amazed with the temp difference in the morning. In just a few hours, the sun had heated the run by 7 deg C, about 12-13 F. And that was a real temp difference, the sensor is located in the shade in there, at about waist level.
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    Jem I don't know... Hmmmm, I tend to plant everything at once. The first things I get to pick are kale, radishes, and other greens. I want to get some starts going this year though ( last year I killed most of my starts) instead of direct seeding everything... Then all the tomatoes etc (hopefully) won't come in one big glut....
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    ? You guys starting your greenhouses already ? or just growing greens ?
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    I'm sprouting for the chickens, and I just started the chili seeds that Sam sent me. It will be about 3 months before anything can go outside though, so I'm going to wait a while before starting the tomatoes.
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    Same here... About three months left before I can even plant in the green house... I need to get some peppers going, bama sent me some of the worlds hottest peppers and they will need a head start. Same with some of my heirloom tomatoes. I need to get my grow light up and the spare room cleaned....
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    hehehe... In answer to the question "Got anything incubating?" Of course! Two white marans eggs going into lockdown today. Moving the 4 BLRW chicks into the big brooder where the TJ's were. Need to figure out the next thing for Solo and Oops as they're getting large for the cage they're in. Still a little small to turn out into the big coop and I'd like to have the run completed before doing so. May have to build a nifty grow out tractor like you've got.

    DH enjoyed going to the poultry swap.... So much so that he's willing to go again. May have to get another batch of chicks together...which means more eggs in the bator. A hatchaholics work is never done////
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    @bamadude have you seen those golden laced brahmas? Those are good looking brahmas.
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    Quote: Thanks @Amberjem . Weekend went great. Kids had a sleep over at friends. DH was gone to the cities to get taxes done. I had the house to myself Friday night. Cleaned the house. Cooked a gourmet dinner for myself. Run a whirlpool bath. Popped on a New TV series. Got a Rose from DH when he came home Saturday. Made dinner for all of us when kids were back. Sunday took My Mom to "50"

    ~ Oh My....


    How was every body else's weekend? I havent read the last 159 posts. I know...my own fault. I'll get crackin'.

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