First Injured Chick(en)....NEED ADVICE SOON PLEASE

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  1. Keeperoflock

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    Mar 10, 2018
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    I feel sooo bad. I'm such a horrible chicken keeper!!! I have milk crates with straw in them in the coop for them to get used to them to lay in till hubby can get more permanent ones built. I found one of my chickens hanging with her foot stuck in the handle part. Her body was supported on the floor thank goodness. I hadn't been out there since about 8:30am. I don't know how long she was stuck. I got her undone. She tried to take off but I grabbed her to check her out. There's a very small rub place on her scaly part next to the feathers with no evidence of blood. I felt her leg and body, wings everything and everything checks out ok. I held her for a little while and she slept. When I put her down to see if she could walk, she tried but limped on it.
    As soon as I put her down one of the other chicks started pecking at her. GRRR I have brought her in and put her in a small cage to keep her from moving around too much. She can turn around in it but that's about it. At least till hubby gets home from work. I tried to get her to drink but she wouldn't.
    I know she's stressed and stuff.

    Do I need to give her electrolytes in her water and make her drink? Is that necessary at this point.
    Just watch her for a while?
    How long should I keep her separate before the others forget about her?

    Needless to say... THE &(*&%&(@# CRATES ARE HISTORY!!!
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  2. Cayuga momma

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    Mar 13, 2018
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    Don't feel bad we all try to improvise from time to time and now others will learn from you too.:hugs
    This doesn't make you a horrible chicken keeper.
    You could try to build her a sling with holes for her legs and vent to stick through so she will be supported, but still be able to move her legs. Electrolytes are good to give her a boost. Keep her in a warm, quiet environment for her to heal.
    Others will have better advice.
  3. True Patriot

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    May 20, 2018
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    Keep her quiet and observe how she does. There may not be anything serious. There are many people here with lots of experience, they're all willing to help. Sometimes it's easier to diagnose visually. Try to get some pics posted. Above all don't blame yourself, things are going to happen, wether you are there or not. This doesn't make you bad. Caring enough to help makes you good.
  4. 21hens-incharge

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    Mar 9, 2014
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    Sorry your girl had such an experience. :hugs

    Since the crates are history..... If you need make shift laying boxes until wood ones can be built......
    The boxes from Costco or Sams that fruit come in work well.

    Oh and in case anyone can use the info.....


    In these nest boxes I use dish pans to make things easier to clean.

    PUT AN ANTI TIP BOARD. You can see how the dish pan rests on the board. Without that feature they can tip and trap a hen.

    Ask me how I know.

    I lost a wyandotte years ago to just that issue.
    Horrible to find her that way.
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  5. rebrascora

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    Feb 14, 2014
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    How old is she? In my experience chickens are usually pretty agile and only get caught like this in unusual places because they have something else wrong and lose their balance. I don't think the crates are to blame per se, so don't beat yourself up. The other chicken pecking at her also suggests she is sick rather than injured.
    Where did you get them from, how long have you had them and what breed are they?
    If you don't have any, get some Nutri drench, Poultry Cell or Rooster Booster as soon as you can and give her a direct dose into her beak a drop at a time. That should give her a bit of a boost and then add it to her water a couple of times a week. I would not force the her to drink but perhaps offer her very sloppy food made with her regular feed soaked in water and maybe some scrambled egg mixed into it. Give her time and a safe quiet recovery place where you can monitor her intake and output easily as well as her demeanour. You might want to rig up a chicken sling if she is struggling to stand....
    sling 2.png
    You can clip pots to the front of the box with food and water in and cut a 3rd hole under her vent for poop to drop through. I hope I am wrong and this is purely an accidental injury but I fear there is more to it.
  6. Keeperoflock

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    Mar 10, 2018
    Central Indiana
    UPDATE: She has eaten and drank water with electrolytes and kind of resting in her cage. When the sun started going down you could tell she wanted out. She was standing on her leg but when I take her out she holds it up a couple times then limps on it. Poor baby. There's no swelling cuts or anything. I can't help to think that she's just incredibly sore. I can't imagine how scared she was...:(
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  7. Kathy Golla

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    You’ve got to keep her quiet on that leg, but it might take a while to heal. If you can find a wire pen or crate you can keep her right outside the pen during the day, as long as she stays quiet and healing, eating and drinking and not too hot. It will be easier to reintegrate her that way.
    If she stays quiet and isn’t running around and the others aren’t pecking on her she could go back in the pen as long as she’s not overusing the leg. It might take a while to heal.
  8. Keeperoflock

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    Mar 10, 2018
    Central Indiana
    I have her in a large dog kennel with wood chips, food and water in the storage room where it's quiet. She seems to be resting now with the lights off and all. There's no way I would trust the others around her. Plus, with all the climbing and roosting poles and toys I have in their run, she would hurt herself for sure. So we'll take it the long haul if necessary, just as long as she heals and stays healthy.

    I may try to take her out to the pen while she's still in the kennel during the day as long as it doesn't stress her out too much.

    I swear, I just cringe when I think of how scared she must have been.

    They say not to name your chickens or not get attached to them. She is just the sweetest natured chicken. How can you not?

    BTW, her name is Opal.
  9. micstrachan

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    I think sweet Opalwoukd benefit from being with the flock. I recommend following up on your idea of putting the dog crate in the pen, at least for part of the day. She definitely needs to rest, so you may need to confine her for awhile.
  10. Keeperoflock

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    Mar 10, 2018
    Central Indiana
    MORNING AFTER UPDATE: She is eating, drinking, pooping all ok. She stays laying down most of the time. I took her out of the kennel but she didn't want to walk much. I kind of coaxed her to take a few steps which she did and even stretched out the injured leg behind her but when she did that she began holding the leg up and didn't want to put it down. I think I'll give her the aspirin in her water. I'm sure she's really sore this morning.

    QUESTION: Should I encourage her to move a bit by taking her out of the kennel and standing her up? I truly do not like milk crates ANYMORE. Dastardly things they are. :mad:

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