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To show humble I am, and secure enough to poke fun at myself....I will share with all you Silkie experts out there my recent experience. I joined BYC like many other urban farmers because of my love of chickens and the excitement of brooding my first chicks and raising my first flock. I was like a nervous expectant parent checking all the feeds for every little noise, hiccup or blemish that I was sure would blight my flock. Sure enough all the confident and experienced experts out there calmed me down and gave me great advice. I gradually grew confident of my chicken raising abilities. Until I recently purchased a new group of chicks to add to my small flock....

I bought four chicks at the feed store "guaranteed pullets". Three were Easter Eggers and the fourth was a Silkie which was in impulse buy after 40 minutes of un-relenting begging by my youngest daughter. Because I'm a totally experienced chicken farmer (LOL) I noticed one of my Easter Eggers was developing a different comb and that he was a rooster. I spotted this early and was able to re-home him. The two remaining Easter Eggers and my Silkie enjoyed a joyous Spring and Summer together...everything was perfect in my chicken paradise, until this morning.

My husband says "Your Silkie is crowing." I say, "No, that is the people on the other side of the hill you are hearing." Husband says, "Nope, I'm pretty sure I just saw your Silkie crow." I bought these chickens in March...the first Roo began to crow at less than 16 weeks! I'm not good at math, but we are way past 16 weeks and I am with those chickens 3x per day...I laugh at the husband and say "Ha, ha...April Fool's." He's says, "Nope, dead serious!"

Sure enough I go outside this morning and my Silkie is strutting and crowing and flapping his wings like he's been doing it all his life! I am could I not have noticed...he was not running to catch up to pack, instead he was running after his sisters?? OMG! She's become one of my favorites, strike that...he's one of my favorites. In my feable defense I have never owned a Silkie and in the absence of a distinguishable comb she/he seemed like one of the girls.

I really want to keep him but we are on 1/4 - 1/2 acre lots here in our neighborhood and my next door neighbor is a local Judge. I kind of don't want to piss her off (she likes the chickens but I don't want to push my luck). His crow was not too loud and he doesn't seem to crow alot...but will this continue??? In any event...thought some of you would get a chuckle...I'm almost able to chuckle at myself (of course my husband is having no problem laughing at me).
Aww! I'm sorry your only silkie turned out to be a boy! Do you have any pics of your chickens? I totally want to see them :) Especially the silkie. I'm mentally... logging all the silkies I can that people thought were one sex that were another. I'm trying to... train myself to know a female from a male flawlessly because I went through a lot of stress with mine!

Silkies are so troublesome sometimes. I got three silkies, hoping for one boy and two girls. Well- no boys would have been favorable. They're so deceiving.

Gracey, pullet. Thought she was a boy MANY times.

Willow, rooster. Thought he was a girl for a long time.

Albedo, rooster. He wasn't obvious as a baby, but after a certain age he became real obvious.

I ended up with two boys and one girl as you can see. Pffft.

Albedo, he crows .. pretty much only in the morning. Maybe occasionally in the afternoon. But sometimes the other- Willow, will crow and so Albedo will crow. Which is crazy because Willow crows CONSTANTLY. Here's some of the times I've documented him crowing: 2am, 3am, 4am, 7am, 8am, 9am, 10am, 12pm, 1pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm... etc. As you can see, he crows whenever he **** well pleases.Sometimes my boys will crow in harmony! Haha.

Anyway, so it really depends on the chicken and their personality. You should talk to your neighbor and see if she minds one rooster. Thankfully my neighbors already said it was fine if we had a rooster so they have to deal with my boys crowing their little hearts out. [insert evil laughter here] (They have a bird in their house that I can hear and their dogs bark a lot.. sooo we produce equal amounts of noise.)

But come on. Silkies are freakin' adorable. I really want more!

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