Got an offer for 2 free roosters

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    So as the title says - i got an offer for 2 free roosters - 1 buff orphington and 1 Rhode Island Red. (their "young roosters" and the family didnt really "plan" on having roo's - just kinda happened from what I hear. Kid 4H kinda thing. But their not really a rooster raising family) I have 7 Americauna & 1 Black Copper Maran hens.

    Now - here is my elementary chicken raising question - understanding the mechanics of chickens and roosters and "mating" - how do I keep my free range hens free from embro's in their eggs?

    Plus - is it "ok" - to have 2 other breed roosters with my Ameraucana's?

    Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to all!
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    Fertilized eggs taste the same... If you incubate the eggs a chick may develop but if you incubate an unfertilized egg it would be a very rotten egg. Just keep them fresh in the fridge and no one will know different.

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    Yup. They have to be incubated to develop, which has to be right around 100 degrees F. I've eaten fertile eggs off and on all my life, and I have never once cracked an egg and found a half developed chick. Actually, a small percent of store bought eggs are fertile.

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