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Jul 8, 2018
If you have the right kind of saw, you could probably cut a hole in the top kiddie pool, cover it with HC, and put the heat lamp on top like in the bottom pic.
True, true...! I may have to do that.
I built one like amferro103's brooder. It worked wonderfully. Of course it is a bit of an investment and all but the size was fantastic.
I had looked at that one. How hard is it to clean? (I haven’t actually read the article yet, just looked at the pic)
You can also use a brooder plate or a mama heating pad. I personally use the Brinsea EcoGlow plates they are economical in use though the initial expense can be a bit high, they are less of a fire hazard than the red lamp and they mimic the more natural behavior of the chicks.😊
With a tote that small, watch out if you're using a heatlamp--there may not be enough places to get away from the heat, and it's easy to overheat a chick. But definitely think about mama heating pads or heating plates--that may give you more build options, they're generally much safer, and chicks love them. Of course with 22, you'd either need a couple plates or one massive one. Buff O's are so cute. Best of luck with them.
Both of you made good points! For this round of chick raising I may not use the heating plate, just because I’ve already gotten the chicks and there is so many. Normally I raise groups of 10 at a time. :lol: Then again.. it couldn’t possibly hurt to go ahead and order one. 🤔


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Apr 5, 2020
These are my “older” buff Orpington pullets. The picture was taken about 2 weeks ago so they’ve grown a little. My chicken flock is the 20 chicks, the 2 buff orps in the pic, and 4 young crested cream legbars. :love View attachment 2340920
How old are they?
Lovely girls. They look about the same age as my youngest Orps. Mine are 14 weeks, if I remember correctly.

That's a big jump from 6 to 26!

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