Hi i am new here and i need to know What do I feed chicken babies?


Mar 16, 2018
I waited a few weeks until the Hatching eggs that I put to The incubator hen for three days but I am
not comfortable with the feed Which I give them because they are still very young and very
vulnerable to disease and And I want an advice from you please for the types of healthy fodder for them
and thank you very much
have filmed a video of this beautiful chicken babies and she eat and play with her brothers
this is my cute chicken babies

X2 on the starter crumble!

Also we don't use medicated starter. If you bring a little tray of dirt in from where the chicks will live outside once they are ready, that will expose them to the cocci living in your soil and that will help them built their immune system and gut flora.

We had our babies dust bathing in the dirt tray when they were only three days old! So adorable!

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